Congratulations, Kiki, you have won immunity!

To everyone on Lille Verden, you have until 5 PM EST tomorrow to send in your vote.  If you would like to plead your case to the others as to why you should, you can post in the comment section below.  Good luck!

Probst: I will now read the votes.




...Gregg. We have a tie.

[The below is flavor, do not read into it.]

Briana: Yes! #### yes!

Gregg looks confused as he sees that he is tied with Briana.

Probst: In the case of a tie at the final four (or in this scenario, the four of Lille Verden), the two people who are involved in the tie will do a fire-making challenge. Briana, Gregg, take your stations.

Briana and Gregg take their fire-making stations.

Host Note: I would normally put up a fire-making challenge for the two people involved in the tie, but since they're both fillers and that would be somewhat silly for me to role-play the entire challenge, I will use (though it will be more likely for a person with higher challenge ability to win) to decide the winner, and it will be revealed below.

Gregg nods, accepting his fate. He hugs Kiki on the way out, who has tears streaming down her face. Gregg gives one final wave good-bye to everyone else, who wave back to him, sad to see him go.

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