Welcome to the cast reveal for Survivor: Myanmar! I know you are all excited to see the final cast, so let's get straight to it!

The cast of Myanmar:


Azalee, Carnelian, Dustin, Elmo, Evan (Mason's filler), Ezra, and Kelly are in the first row.

Kevin (Dan's filler), Kyna (Dan's filler), Mark, Miles, Mona, Mya, and Richard are in the second row.

Ryan, Sami, Star, Stephanie (Mason's filler), Tayne, Whitney, and Zane are in the third row.

Note: The cast has been slightly shortened to 21.

Congratulations on making it into Myanmar! We are super excited to start the season, and the premiere is scheduled to start on May 7th, which is in just two days! Between now and then, it is important that you each make your own e-mails (the format was specified in the applications). You are allowed to talk amongst each other before the game starts, but it is important to emphasize that you must send all game conversations to (and if you're doing a google hangouts conversation, please attach us to it, it makes it much easier for us to copy it that way). If you would like to talk to a filler, either talk to them via g-mail by sending an e-mail/talking on google hangouts, or if you see myself or Mason on a chat you can ask to speak to our specific fillers there in a private chat.

We do realize that this is the time of year for finals and other important tests, so if there are periods of time in which you will be less available than usual, be sure to let the hosts know.

Anyway, welcome to Survivor: Myanmar, and let the (pre-)game begin!