Welcome to Survivor: Myanmar!  As of now, the games have officially begun!

Now, at the bottom of this post I will link you to another blog post that is very important to read, though I do want to post a couple reminders:

  • Please send your e-mail password to (and if it's the same password as other personal stuff of yours, I'd suggest you change it).  We always ask this and the reason is so that we can access all conversations - after all, this will be made into a fanon, and we don't want any holes in the storyline!
  • If you have not created an e-mail yet, it's super important that you make one.  The vast majority of in-game conversations and announcements will occur in there.
  • Be sure to send in confessionals!  We have nine commentators this season, and this will be made into a fanon, so sending in confessionals is super important.  There is a chance that Mason or I will ask you a confessional question to clarify your thought process within the game.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask!

The link to the Choices Galore twist, which you should read, is here

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