This is where you will compete in the second reward challenge of Survivor: Tokelau.


Atafu is out!

  1. Char Lyndon - OUT
  2. Jacob Jones - OUT
  3. Joe Tiernan - OUT
  4. Lynn Lao - OUT
  5. Tyler Bungard - OUT

Fakaofo is out!

  1. Alex Crooks - OUT
  2. Bailey Brooke - OUT
  3. Panda Nzeogwu - OUT
  4. Rachael Burgingwell - OUT
  5. Sandra Davies - OUT

Nukunonu wins!

  1. Anita McHalvorsen - In
  2. Bryce Bricington - In
  3. Jess Payne - In
  4. Justin Van-Eyll - In
  5. Zachary Thomas - In


Lynn Lao - No Idol Clue

Alex Scorok - No Idol Clue

Ruda Ellenberger - Idol Clue (Ruda has taken the idol clue, which means that Nukunonu's advantage in today's reward challenge is nullified)

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