Hey guys!

So in a couple weeks, after my current FORG (Survivor: India , you should check it out!) ends I plan to open applications for Season 5. Before then, I want to reveal some stuff about the season so you guys can get a fun look into what I have in store for you.  I figure this time around, instead of revealing things when I want to and choosing what I want to reveal, I'd leave it up to you to vote on what you want your first glimpse of the season to be!  So, the options on what you can choose for me to reveal first are:

  • The season name and location and logo (though this will take a little more time since I still need to collaborate with those who expressed interest in making it).
  • One of the twists of the season (though I never reveal the main one, if you've seen any of my DORGS by now ;) )
  • The number of tribes, tribe names, tribe sizes, and tribe colors.
  • Anything else (specify in the comment section!).

So to vote, just post in the comment section here. I'll let you guys voice your opinion for a few days and then reveal whatever it is you would like - the first one is the only exception as the logo will take longer.

The storm's a-gettin' closer...

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