Hi, guys!

For Season 5, I want it to be special for everyone involved as a truly unique season.  Because of that, I want the theme of the season to be unique, and that requires specifically a nice logo.  For any of you guys who are great logomakers and would like to make a logo, if you reply to this I'd be happy to cooperate with you and describe what I'd want the logo to be.  If it's good enough (and there may be multiple applicants, so if it ends up where I don't choose your logo, it's nothing personal and I want to thank you for helping anyway), I'll use it in the actual season!

So yeah, just comment below if you're interested in this.  And don't worry, you'll still get to play and all if you do the logo, it's not like you're getting a huge advantage since everyone will get the same info as you once the logo is released.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.  If I discover other aspects of the game that could be helped with, I'll post for help here.  And if you have ideas for how to improve the website/game, be sure to comment below so Season 5 can be truly revolutionary!

There's a storm a-comin'...

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