It's time to find out the official tribes of Survivor: Bhutan. Are you ready to meet your tribes? Oh, you aren't? Okay then, I'll just wait until later to reveal it then.

Okay, fine, I won't. Here are the official tribes!

The Thimphu (Brawn) Tribe

Rhodanna S3Jenni S3Ale'Tia S3
Joey S3Andrew S3Seb S3Romeo S3

Rhodanna, Jenni, Ale'Tia, Joey, Andrew, Seb, and Romeo.

The Zhemgang (Brain) Tribe

Zypker S3Harry S3Robby S3
Charlie S3Natalie S3Niaho S3Marty S3

Zypker, Harry, Robert, Charlie, Natalie, Niaho, and Marty.

The Punakha (Beauty) Tribe

Britney S3Asuna S3Melissa S3
Rosalyna S3Chris S3Gregory S3Zepher S3

Britney, Asuna, Melissa, Rosalyna, Chris, Gregory, and Zepher.

The game starts March 4th, congratulations to those casted, and as for Russell, it's sad that we couldn't have you on this season, but through a combination of a short application and the fact that you played before, you were not cast onto the season. We know you would've made a great castaway, and you'll definitely have a spot open for Season 4.

For the rest of you, you're probably noticing something; there's 21 castaways! That's right, there will be three more castaways than normal this season, so congratulations on making it into the largest DORG yet!

You may not have made it onto the tribe you were expecting to be on, but Aishia and I have put a lot of thought into the tribe designation and you were not put on a tribe by accident. We will not say anything more on the subject, so don't try asking us questions to figure out why we cast you on a certain tribe.

Remember to make your g-mail account if you haven't already, because if you don't have it by March 4th when the game starts you'll be at a disadvantage.

The game doesn't begin until March 4th, but if you're someone who likes to do stuff pre-game then be sure to send all of that good stuff to

Once again, congratulations on making it onto the season, and may the odds be ever in your favor!