Hello, castaways.  Welcome to your second immunity challenge!

For today's challenge, you will be working to fill your tribal water bucket.  You do this by running to the ocean, dipping in your smaller bucket, and running back to pour water into the larger bucket.  The way you do this is by posting "Runs to Ocean", "Dips bucket in ocean", and "Pours water into tribal bucket".  These posts must be at least five minutes apart from one another, though that only matters on an individual basis, meaning multiple members of the tribe can fill the bucket up at the same time.

The tribes with the most water in their tribal bucket by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity and the extra points in the bazaar next cycle.  Here's the google document with (hopefully) live updates of the challenge:

Zepher and Asuna for Beauty and Jenni and Romeo for Brawn have randomly been chosen to sit out.

This is also an important reminder; do NOT talk with castaways from other tribes.  There has already been a reported incident of this, and if castaways repeatedly break this rule, they will be ejected from the game without warning.  I understand that it might be a change of pace for some of you, since this is the first DORG season in which this rule is in place, but that is no excuse.  You cannot talk privately with anyone on other tribes about the game (if you want to, you can post publicly on challenge/tribal/bazaar blogs, since that would be public and everyone could see it, but that's the only scenario in which it'd be allowed).

Consider this your one and only warning.

Anyway, good luck in today's immunity challenge, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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