Welcome to Survivor: Bhutan! It is finally the moment you've been waiting for - the start of the game!

Now, a couple announcements before we get kicked off:

  • For those of you who don't know, Charlie has decided to remove himself from the game. For the sake of realism, there has been no replacement, which unfortunately means that the Brains tribe will start out with six members instead of the expected seven.
  • You are not allowed to talk to members from other tribes privately (you can do so publicly on this wiki if you'd like). This is unlike seasons in the past, so please take note of it. If we see or discover any breaking of this rule, there will be consequences.

Anyway, while the main twist of the season is not going to be revealed yet, it is time for you to "pick your poison"! On the following link, please fill out the survey with your personal preferences for things such as the amount of tribe switches or when the merge will be. Your votes will determine the structure of this game! Please fill it out on the link below:

Now, and this is important, you may NOT strategize your choices with your fellow tribe members from this point on. This is meant to be your personal preference, uninfluenced by others, and if we see anyone break this rule, there will be negative consequences. Just fill out the survey as soon as you see it before you officially start the game.

The survey will close at 5:30 PM EST or 2:30 PM PST tomorrow, meaning you have 24 hours to do so.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Side Note: For those who wish to have an official list of all the e-mails in this game, here they are:

Punakha - Beauty

__________________________ - Asuna - Britney - Chris - Gregory - Melissa - Rosalyna - Zepher

Thimphu - Brawn

_________________________ - Seb - Romeo - Rhodanna - Joey - Jenni - Andrew - Ale’Tia

Zhemgang - Brain

_______________________ - Harry - Marty - Niaho - Robert - Zypker

Natalie -

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