Welcome, official cast of Survivor: Faroe Islands! I hope you're excited, because as of this post, the game is officially on!

For the next day, you may talk with one another through your e-mails or any other means you want (but remember, if you talk on a chat or something other than the game e-mails, please send me a transcript of the conversation). There are no tribes yet, as those will be chosen in twenty-four hours. Here are some important notes to remember about the game:

  • I will try to be as efficient as possible in checking e-mails for your conversations with others, but it would make my life a lot easier if you simply messaged me and told me that you had conversations on your g-mail account.
  • Please get into the habit of checking your g-mail accounts and this website. I will post reminders of things like immunity challenges or tribal councils on this website (not on the survivor fanon wiki anymore!), so please remain active here. This first phase will take slightly longer than usual in order to give you guys a chance to get situated with the game, so I don't expect to see any inactive players.
  • If you are going to be unable to reach a computer at any point during this game, especially with Christmas coming up, please let me know in a timely manner. I'll likely not put any challenges on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, or extend the deadline for the challenge/tribal over those days, but it's still suggested that you tell me about any times you may be inactive.
  • Remember, Briana/Gregg/Maeva/Petrus/Taras are all players in this game called "fillers". If you want to talk to them, just message with the subject line reading the name of the filler you want to talk to. Fillers may also approach you by sending you e-mails, so be prepared for that as well!
  • Also remember to send confessionals! They're highly encouraged, and the more of them you send, the more prominent your character will be when the time comes for this to be made into a fanon.

In order for me to know that you have seen this (I'm testing to make sure my reminders effectively brought you here), please post a comment below.

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to ask, and good luck with the game!

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