Hey guys! 

In case you haven't seen, Lynn/Mike/Owen were all voted out of their tribes; instead of being sent home, they are now out on Exile Island with Sophie.  You'll hear more about them later, but for now, let's get onto the first challenge!

For today's challenge, you'll be playing some mindgame with the opposing tribes. You will have three options:

Option 1: Give your tribe 2 points.

Option 2: Take away 3 points from an opposing tribe.

Option 3: Give you tribe 1 point and take 1 point away from an opposing tribe.

You don't have any way of communicating with other tribes (unless you communicate publicly on this challenge thread), but each and every one of you not on Exile Island must send me what option you will do privately via g-mail or google hangouts. The tribe with the most points by 8:30 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity!

It's a simple challenge to start off the season, but one that requires some thought. Good luck!

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