Hi guys!

For today's immunity challenge, you will decide the winner yourselves!  That's right, let me explain.

You guys get to make up the rules in the comment seciotn below.  If the majority decides to do a posting challenge, you'll do a posting challenge.  If you want to play dodgeball, you'll play dodgeball.  If you simply want to elect a winner of the immunity challenge, go on ahead!  Whatever you want to do you may do as a tribe in the comment section below, and at 8:30 PM EST tomorrow we will determie the winner based off of what you post.  If there's absolutely no consensus on what to do, we'll simply randomize the winner of the challenge.  It's truly a do-it-yourself challenge, so I wish you all luck.

In addition, votes are also due at 8:30 PM EST tomorrow.

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