Hey guys!

Apologies for the lack of host activity over the past two days; we both have had busy lives, but now that you've had the chance to really get to know everyone better, it's time for the game to speed up.  From this point on, each cycle will be 24 hours; the immunity challenge and tribal council will be up at the same time!  How will that work?  Simple.  If the person who wins immunity receives votes, any votes cast against that person won't count (like a hidden immunity idol).  You'll be playing Immunity Roulette to make sure whoever you target doesn't win, so play wisely!

Anywho, onto your first individual challenge as a merged tribe.  It'll be a simple posting challenge (the more creatives ones will come soon!).  You may either choose to post "Stacks block #x" (x representing the number of blocks you have) or you may post "Knocks block off of (insert player name here)" to reduce another player's total stack of blocks by one.  You may post once every ten minutes, but if you don't get caught by the other players, you can also try and post less than every ten minutes; us hosts won't call it out.  The person with the most blocks by 9:30 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity!  

Good luck y'all.

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