Hello there! Everyone getting your first look at the new Havana and Mayabeque tribes, Zane and Jeremiah voted out at the last two tribal councils.

You're probably wondering what's going on over at Exile Island. Well, for Sophie, since she was never voted out, she gets to choose to join one of the tribes that lost a member. Sophie, do you want to join Havana or Mayabeque?

Sophie: I'll join Havana.

In that case, Sophie is now a member of the Havana tribe! Congratulations on your newest member, Havana. Also, while you may thought that Lynn, Mike, and Owen would be exiled for a lot longer...come on in guys!

The three exiled castaways walk in confidently.

You see, that vote on Day One wasn't to vote someone out of your was to vote your tribe leaders! That's right; Lynn, Mike, and Owen are the leaders of each of your tribes. What that means is that, as leaders of your tribe, if your tribe ever wins the immunity challenge, the leader from the winning tribes will be randomly assigned to go to one of the losing tribes and can both talk to everyone on the tribe and cast his/her own vote. It's a lot of power and a lot of responsibility as well as your only way of communicating with the other tribe.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask. In the mean time, welcome your old tribe members (and with Sophie, a new tribe member) back and get ready for the immunity challenge!

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