That's right, it's finally here - the start of the game!  I hope y'all are as excited as I am, because this is gonna be a fun, fast-paced game like you've never experienced before!

Just an ordering note before we get started, from now on will be the official g-mail account of the game, so make sure you send confessionals there and attach us to your in-game conversations!

So, y'all can find your tribes over on the season page; all of you have tribes except poor Sophie. Don't worry, Sophie, we may be trolls but you're not gonna be eliminated from the game randomly; instead you'll be sent to Exile Island and will join a losing tribe after tribal council. Since two tribes will lose every immunity challenge and two people will be voted out every cycle (to make up for the fact that we have TWENTY EIGHT FREAKING PEOPLE), you'll also get to choose which tribe you join. More specific information will be sent to you in private, but for now, enjoy your immunity break and sanity while you have it.

As for the rest of you, what better way to start of the season than to vote out one of your tribe members on Day One? What's that, that would be torture? Great, let's do it then!

In the next 24 hours (so the deadline is 8:30 PM EST), you must choose to vote out your weakest link from your tribe. No immunity challenge, no hidden idols, no nothing. Whoever gets the most votes is voted out of the tribe. I told y'all this game would be fast paced!

Remember, One World is not in play this season, so from this point forward please only talk to people on your starting tribe.

In the mean time, I hope you guys enjoy your first day on Survivor: The Greater Antilles, and if you have any problems/questions about absolutely anything, don't be afraid to ask! Good luck!

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