Kiki and Teck, you two have been eliminated by your tribes, dubbed least valuable.  Luckily, you will have a chance of seeking revenge on them, and that form of revenge is called Lille Verden.

All eliminated castaways will be sent to Lille Verden.  Every phase (except this first one), there will be an individual immunity challenge and tribal council held on Lille Verden between the castaways on it.  It works the same way the normal game does (hence, Lille Verden is Danish for "Small World"), with the winner of the immunity challenge receiving immunity from that night's vote, and the castaways on Lille Verden voting one person off afterwards.  Anyone voted off of Lille Verden is permanently out of the game.  At some point, one or multiple people will make it off of Lille Verden and back into the game, in a way yet to be disclosed.

There's one more twist (which differentiates this from a twist from a certain website-that-shall-not-be-named): the members on Lille Verden still have an influence on how the game goes.  Every phase, the inhabitants of Lille Verden will vote for one person still in the game and not on Lille Verden to receive an advantage, and for one person to receive a disadvantage.  These advantages/disadvantages will not be known to anyone (except the ultimate recipient), not even the people on Lille Verden, and will change from phase to phase, though the advantages are always good and the disadvantages always bad.  The people who receive the advantage/disadvantage will be given it publicly.  If there is a tie for who receives an advantage/disadvantage, will be the tiebreaker.  This process will start next phase.

Good luck, Kiki and Teck, and may the odds ever be in your favor.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask!  The immunity challenge for Myterri and Udspille can be found here:

Note: You may still be in full contact with people on Lille Verden, as if they were in the normal game.

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