Due to multiple requests, and the fact that I don't want you guys being forced to stare at a computer all day on Christmas, the immunity challenge/Lille Verden tribal council will be postponed for 24 hours until 5 PM EST tomorrow.  So enjoy Christmas, spend time with the family, and if you'd like, you can still strategize and communicate with one another (I, meaning the fillers, will be online in this twnety-four hour period as well).  I just don't want you guys to feel pressure to do something other than enjoy Christmas.  And if you don't celebrate Christmas, well, happy Week-from-the-year-ending Day!

One thing that will be announced is who is getting the advantage and disadvantage.  Due to a 1-1 tie, both ones were randomized.  Marie won the advantage while Aishia "won" the disadvantage!  Congratulations/Condolences to the two of you.

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