Welcome to tribal council, Udspille.

You have until 5 PM EST tomorrow to cast your vote to The tribal council questions are optional but recommended, and if you answer a question there is a chance I will ask you a follow up question.

To All: After tonight's vote there will only be six non-Lille Verden members left in the game. Are you excited to have made it this far in the game, or are you not satisfied with just making it this far?

To All: There still have been no idols plays yet this game, do you even think there aren't any idols at all, or are people just hiding them from everyone else?

To All: As the endgame approaches, have things like jury management or who you want to bring to the end with you crept up into your strategy?

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

For a moment, the tribal council is dead silent, then Maeva abruptly stands up.

Maeva (grinning): You know, Jeff. I don't think I'm ready to get voted out just yet.

Maeva can't hide her smile as she walks up to Probst and hands him his idol. The other three can be seen looking around at one another, shocked by the idol play, mouths gaping.

Probst: This IS a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast for Maeva will not count. I will now read the votes.



...Maeva. That's three votes Maeva, none of them count, and only one vote left...

...12th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Faroe Islands...


[The below is filler. Do not read into it.]

Jaxon, shocked at the outcome of his vote, slowly goes to grab his torch. He is hugged by everyone on the tribe, including Maeva, before he goes to have his torch snuffed by Probst. He doesn't look back as he walks away.

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