Welcome to tribal council, and congratulations on immunity, Romeo.

Votes are due to by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow. Questions are not mandatory but are highly encouraged, and there is the chance you will be asked a follow-up question.

To All: With only eight people left in the game, how fluid is the game? Would you rather the game be fluid or have a clear hierarchy of power?

Aaron: With the entire game haven gone by so far and no idols emerging, is there any paranoia out there about a possible idol play soon? How do you react to that sort of thing?

Charlie: As the game gets smaller and smaller, are people starting to think about how to win in the end, or is it still focused on just surviving another vote? What is more important at this stage, to set yourself up well for the end or to set yourself up well for the next day?

Ezra: Out of everyone in the challenge, your name seemed to come up close to the least for answers.  Is that a good thing or bad thing for your game? Has this new information affected your game play at all, and if so, how?

Marie: You have been voted as the person with the best social game, the most trustworthy person, and the most honest person!  While these labels may seem positive, are you nervous it may put a target on your back?    How did you play this game so far to receive these labels, and is that gameplay going to stay the same tonight?

Megan: You were called many negative things in this past challenge; has that affected your mindset in this game, and if so, how?

Miles: With so many factors going into who to have as an ally, what's the most important? Loyalty, trust, intelligence, or something else?

Romeo: Now that you have immunity and are guaranteed a spot in the final seven, you can do anything without immediate repercussions. Does that make you want to make a big move, or would you rather play it safe so you have a secure position later?

Zeebem: The last tribal council you went to, you received three votes. How much more paranoia does that give you coming into tonight's vote, and how have oyu reacted to seeing your name come up on the parchment?

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: In that case, I will now read the votes.


...Megan. That's two votes Megan...


...Charlie. That's two votes each for Charlie and Megan...


...Megan. That's three votes Charlie, three votes Megan, two votes left...


...12th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Dawn of the Storm and the 5th Member of the Jury...


Final Vote Tally: 5-3.

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