Welcome to tribal council, Punakha, and congratulations on immunity, Joey.

You have until 5:30 PM EST tomorrow to cast your vote to The tribal council questions are optional but highly recommended, and if you answer a question there is a chance I will ask you a follow up question.

To All: With this being your third tribal council in a row, is it clear now who is in power and who is not? Is anyone bold enough to name names?

Andrew: You were attacked pretty early on by multiple people; does that worry you that you may be out of people's good graces? What has the cutthroat nature of the immunity challenge done to the game?

Britney: Last tribal's vote off was unanimous; does that suggest that this tribe is unified, or is there really chaos beyond what things may look like?

Harry: Have talks about a possible upcoming merge/tribe swap factored into strategic discussions? If so, how?

Joey: How does it feel to win immunity? Do you feel like you would have been a target without it?

Marty: So far, you have gone to every single tribal council that you could've possibly gone to. Have you found out what the secret is to surviving tribal after tribal?

Romeo: With Seb and then Greg going out in the last two tribal councils, there seems to be no clear pattern for the vote. What has been the main criteria for the vote outs thus far, and will that apply to tonight?

Zepher: With the entire tribe voting out an original Beauty member last tribal council, does that signify the end of tribal lines playing a factor in this game, or is a Brawn/Brain/Beauty alliance still a possible threat?

Probst: If anyone has the hidden immunity idol and they'd like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Britney takes the stand.

Britney: Jeff I am way to paranoid about tonight's vote.

Any votes Britney will not count tonight.

Probst: I will now reveal the votes.

Britney.... Does not count.

Britney.... Does not count.

Romeo... One Vote Romeo




Probst: 5th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Bhutan, ....Marty...." Marty, the tribe has spoken. [The Below is Filler, Please do not read into it]

Marty covers her mouth, Britney smiles, Marty walks up to the stand, she rolls her eyes as her torch is snuffed. #Blindside appears in the bottom side corner.

Probst: With that, we move on in this game, what's too come, we'll find out.

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