Welcome to tribal council, Thimphu, and congratulations on immunity, Melissa.

You have until 5:30 PM ESt to send in your votes to  The questions below are strongly recommended but not mandatory, and there is a chance you will be asked a follow-up question.

To All: You haven't gone to tribal council in over a week now, and for some of you, this is your first tribal council of the game. Is that a blessing, or is being able to eliminate useless or threatening castaways an advantage that you never had?

Ale'Tia: Coming from an undefeated tribe and then working on this tribe that never lost an immunity challenge, is your tribe as successful as it appears or is there inner turmoil within it?

Asuna:Coming into tonight's vote, there's so many different possible factors for tonight's vote. What criteria will be going into your vote tonight?

Chris: Being the only male on a tribe full of women, have you kept the same strategy in this game or have you changed things up? Do you feel confident in your spot on the tribe?

Jenni: You and Melissa seemed to have some friction in today's challenge. Has the cutthroat immunity challenge shifted the dynamics of the game? If so, how?

Melissa: You came from being universally targeted to winning immunity; do you think that if you didn't get immunity, you'd be a target for tonight's vote?

Natalie: Coming from the failing Brains tribe, do you think that people may take you out as the "easy vote", or are you a potential swing vote?

Niaho: You don't seem to be a large factor in these immunity challenges; are you worried that it may put a target on your back, or have you made solid bonds with others to feel secure?

Rhodanna: This challenge seemed to cause fighting in your tribe, and you were targeted by multiple people towards the end of the challenge. How much does that worry you about your position in the game? Are the lines drawn in the sand or is there still room for shifting alliances?

Rosalyna: There's four Beauties on a tribe of nine people; how large of a target does that put on your back as Beauty? Are alliances still based off of tribal lines?

Probst: I will now reveal the votes.







Probst: 6th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Bhutan

Ni-HAHA-o the tribe has spoken.

[The below is filler, do not read to much into it]

Niaho glares at her tribe mates as she walks up to have her torch snuffed. Her tribe mates accept it fully, Niaho walks out of the game with an angry look on her face, however this is no #blindside, as everyone on the tribe had seen this coming from a mile away.

Probst: You are in unity now, but with what's to come.. We'll find out, head on back to camp.

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