Welcome one, welcome all, to the tribe picking!  17 of the 20 of you have sent lists, and the results are below:

Hudson: 7 votes.

Marie: 3 votes.

Taras: 3 votes.

Iris: 2 votes.

Aishia: 1 votes.

Jet: 1 votes.

We have a tie between Marie and Taras, meaning it is left up to to decide which of them will become a leader.  The winner of the randomized pick is...Taras!

Between Taras and Hudson, we will also choose who goes first in the pickings by  First pick goes to...Hudson!

The below is the selections, in order, of Hudson and Taras:

Hudson: I'll choose...Aishia.

Taras: Jessica.

Hudson: Gabbie [Gabriella].

Taras: Jet.

Hudson: John.

Taras: Marie.

At this point, Hudson and Taras have made three picks each. They each have five more picks.

Hudson: Jaxon.

Taras: Maeva.

Hudson: Briana.

Taras: Petrus.

Hudson: Matt.

Taras: Sarah.

At this point, Hudson and Taras have two picks left. Six castaways remain; Iris, Logan, Kiki, Gregg, Crystal, and Teck.

Hudson: I'll pick...Logan.

Taras: about Iris.

Four are left; Kiki, Gregg, Crystal, and Teck.

Hudson: Sorry, guys...but I'm going to pick...Gregg.

Jeff Probst: Taras, you do understand that in choosing the final member of your tribe, you will be voting two people out.

Taras: I understand. This is really hard for me to do, but I've gotta go with my gut, and my gut chooses...


[Note: the below is all simply for flavor, and not actually what the contestants said. Don't read into it.]

Jeff Probst: Alright. Hudson, your tribe will be Udspille, and Taras, your tribe will be Myterri. [Check the Faroe Islands page for a complete list of the tribes, it will be updated by the end of the day]

Kiki and Teck can be seen visibly upset.  Kiki is frowning while Teck tries to hold back tears.

Jeff Probst: I'm sorry to say, Kiki and Teck, that you have been voted out of the game. Teck, what's going on for you right now?

Teck: I...don't know. It just hurts to see that no one wants me on their tribe, I feel abandoned.

Jeff Probst: Kiki, what about you?

Kiki: It's sad that I have to say good-bye to my Survivor dream before it even started. I just wish I had another chance.

Jeff Probst cracks a grin at the end of Kiki's statement.

Jeff Probst: Well, while your fellow castaways might have thought they were eliminating you, Kiki and Teck, you will have another shot. The game is not over for you.

All the castaways can be seen with shocked expressions as the camera turns to break.

TO BE CONTINUED... (in case it wasn't obvious, follow the link)

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