Welcome to tribal council, Kilisik, and congratulations on immunity, Connor!

You have until 5 PM EST to send in your votes via e-mail/hangouts. Tribal council questions are optional but highly recommended, and there is the chance you'll be asked a follow-up question. The way questions work is that you may send me your answers via e-mail/hangouts, and I will post your comments on this thread. That way, you won't reveal your identity.

To All: With only two tribal councils left before the final tribal council, are you more focused on going to the end with people you can beat or are you focused on finding people who you trust to go to the end with you regardless?

To All: What do you have going for you in terms of a good ally? Are you a goat, a trustworthy friend, something else?

To All: Who's names are on the chopping block tonight?

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