Congratulations on lasting to the final six!

For today's challenge, you will be playing a version of Hot Potato! Here's how it will work:

There will be two potatoes active at any point in this challenge; one potato is a distraction, while the other will explode on someone at an undisclosed time. Of course, you'll have no idea which one is which! The potatoes will be randomly given to two people, and you may post "Passes Potato to ______". You are allowed to pass the potato as soon as you receive it. If you are holding the dud potato while the real one explodes, both will disappear and be replaced with two new potatoes. You are not allowed to pass a potato to someone who already has one in his/her possession, and you may not pass the potato to the person who just passed it to you! However, both of those rules can be ignored once it gets down to three contestants or less.

If the potato explodes while you are holding it, you will lose one life. You have two lives to begin with, so once you lose both of them you will be eliminated. The last one left standing by 5 PM EST tomorrow wins! If there is a tie, then the person who passed the potato last will win immunity.

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