Welcome to tribal council, Kilisik, and congratulations on immunity, Skylar!

You have until 5 PM EST to send in your votes via e-mail/hangouts. Tribal council questions are optional but highly recommended, and there is the chance you'll be asked a follow-up question. The way questions work is that you may send me your answers via e-mail/hangouts, and I will post your comments on this thread. That way, you won't reveal your identity.

To All: With only seven people left in the game, who are the biggest jury threats at this stage and why?

To All: With quests now in the game and potential idols still floating about, how do you decide what to do and who to trust at this stage of the game?

To All: Last night's vote was almost unanimous; will tonight's vote be as unified?

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Skylar stands up.

Skylar: Jeff...this needs to be done. I'm playing this for Connor.

Skylar hands the idol to Connor, who brings up the hidden immunity idol to Probst.

Probst: This is a hidden immunity idol, and votes cast for Con-

McKenzie: Not so fast!

The tribal council floor goes quiet as McKenzie rummages through her back.

McKenzie: I want to play my Tree Advantage, Probst. (grins)

Probst: Do you mind explaining to everyone else what this is?

McKenzie: Sure. This is an idol nullifier, meaning I can use this to nullify the effects of a hidden immunity idol. I'd like to nullify the hidden immunity idol on Connor.

McKenzie hands Probst the idol nullifier.

Probst: Alright. With this, any votes cast for Connor WILL count.  I will now read the votes.



...Xavier. One vote McKenzie, one vote Connor, one vote Xavier...


...Xavier. Two votes for Connor and Xavier, one vote McKenzie...


...Xavier. We have a tie.

Current vote tally: 3-3-1.

Probst: I will now read the revotes.




...Xavier. Two votes Connor, two votes Xavier, one vote left...

...10th Person Voted Out and the 5th Member of the Jury...


Final vote tally: 3-3-1;3-2.

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