Welcome, final 23 and jury, to the moment you've been waiting for - the final tribal council! Jurors, some of you have been waiting quite a while for this moment. The power in this game now shifts over to you, as you will be deciding who among Bo, Connor, and McKenzie are deserving of earning the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor that goes with it.

Here's how this will work; because we can't talk on the wiki without revealing in-game identities, we will be doing this on google docs. For Bo, Connor, and McKenzie, each of them will get their own document to create an opening speech in, and while they'll be the only ones who can edit it, everyone in the game and out of the game will be able to read it. Then, the jurors will have their own designated docs that they can create speeches in, and the finalists can edit the document with their own responses. You cannot delete anything made in the docs (other than minor grammar fixes or things of that sort), and if I catch you doing it, I'll put the stuff back on the docs and there will be consequences.

Jury, your deadline for voting for the winner is 5:30 PM EST on Wednesday, which gives you three full days to grill these finalists and make the best decision to who is deserving of Sole Survivor. However, if everyone votes earlier than that, I'll be happy to reveal the votes early. Please don't forget to vote (via gmail, you still have those accounts!), as this is the most important vote of the season and if someone doesn't send in their jury vote, the jury vote will simply be discarded instead of randomly selected (as that could unfairly tip the balance).

Anyway, finalists, you may start whenever you want. Good luck. I do ask that you give all three finalists a chance to plead their case before you vote. Thanks!

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