Congratulations, you have made it to the finale!

That's right, while I usually surprise you guys with a final two and watch you all suffer, this season I guess I'm surprising you guys with a final three!  Who'd have thunk.  Anyway, there are only TWO more tribal councils before the Final Tribal Council, where three of you will go up to face the jury; only one will make it out to become the Ultimate Survivor.  The stakes couldn't be higher as we reach the final days of this game, and any slip-up could spell the end.  Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor.

Onto your second-to-last immunity challenge - today's challenge is called Hurt or Heal.

In this challenge, each person starts with five lives. You may choose to hurt somebody or heal somebody (this can be yourself). When you comment, you will say either: "Hurts (person)" or, "Heals (person)." You may only post once every thirty minutes. By healing someone, you give that person an extra life. By hurting someone, you lose them a life. Once you go down to 0 lives, you are out of the competition.

The last person standing or the person with the most lives by 5 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity. If there is a tie, the person who made an action last will win.

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