Hey guys!

Before we get to today's challenge, I must notify you of a commitment I have in real life.  I will be driving to New York to stay from Thursday morning to Saturday evening; I will have access to google hangouts and g-mail through my phone, but I probably will not be able to post on the wiki (I will still try, of course).  So, this next cycle is going to run a bit differently.  The immunity challenge will be for 24 hours as usual, but the tribal council phase will last just over 48 hours instead, so that it will end on Saturday evening when I've come back and am able to post on the wiki successfully again.  Like I said, you can still contact me on hangouts, and I'll still make game-announcements through then, but starting tomorrow, that's what's gonna go down.  Thanks for being so understanding, and enjoy the extra deliberation time for tribal council!

Anywho, onto today's challenge.  While we are still in the team phase of the game, today's challenge will be a testament to your individual commitment to the team.  As usual, there will be challenge chats where you will post, and today you will be blindly throwing dodgeballs at each other!  

You can throw dodgeballs by saying "Throws dodgeball at (name of person from the other tribe)" in the tribe chat.  You can only throw one dodgeball every two hours, and each of you have three lives.  Once the other tribe has knocked you down to zero lives, you're eliminated.  The tribe with the most non-eliminated members left by 5 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity; in the case of a tie, the tribe that has thrown the most dodgeballs will win immunity.  If that's a tie, the tribe that threw their dodgeballs first will win immunity.

The twist is, you can also choose to spend that time posting "Gains an extra life"; by doing this you increase your life total and make it harder for the other team to knock you down.  You may post these every two hours as well.  You can't cheat the systme and throw dodgeballs and gain life at the same time, since you must wait two hours after throwing a dodgeball to gain a life, and vice versa.  I will not let anyone know if they have been eliminated from the challenge, so you may overkill an individual and not know it since you can throw up to a million dodgeballs at one person if you so choose.  Also, since you don't know if you've been eliminated or not, that means you can still throw dodgeballs if you have been eliminated.  

Skylar has been randomly chosen to sit out for Sivas.

This challenge may sound a bit confusing, so I'm prepared for any questions you have.  Be sure to ask, and good luck!

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