It's finally time. Time all of you have been waiting for for 39 days, and time I've been looking forward to for even longer. It is now time for the vote reveal!

Welcome back to the States, everyone. Bo, Connor, and McKenzie, you've waited a long time to get to these results, so I won't delay any longer. Are you guys ready to see it? (crowd cheers) Alright, let's do it.

...First Vote...

...Connor! The crowd goes wild as Connor blushes, unable to hide his grin.

...Connor. That's two votes Connor! The crowd becomes even louder as Connor raises his eyebrows.

...McKenzie. Relieved to see a vote for her, McKenzie lets out a giggle. The entire crowd is now whooping and cheering for her.

...McKenzie! That's two votes Connor, two votes McKenzie! With the tight vote so far, the audience is at the edge of its seat. Bo pats the other two finalists on the back with a smile on his face.

...McKenzie! That's three votes McKenzie! McKenzie leans in further as she become more and more optimistic. Fans are shouting her name from the audience, including "I love you McKenzie!" and "Queen Kenz!"

...Connor! It's all tied up, three votes Connor, three votes McKenzie, two votes left. Suddenly, the crowd becomes silent at everyone waits in anticipation of this nail biter.

...McKenzie! McKenzie has no emotion on her face are she carefully watches Probst, while the audience wonders what the last vote could be.

....Final Vote. If this is for Connor, then we will have the first ever tie in DORG history...

...Winner of Survivor: Turkey...


McKenzie lets out a small smile and simply nods at the result, while a swarm of contestants surround her to hug her. She immediately breaks away from the huddle and runs down to her family, who are all in tears as they hold her tight. As McKenzie's smile turns into a beaming grin, the camera pans back to Probst.

Probst: Wow. I knew this season had the potential to be the best one yet from Day One, and not for a moment afterwards have these people let me down; we've had blindsides, betrayals, emotions running high, personality clashes, and through it all McKenzie herself came from the shadows to absolutely dominate as she used her cunning intelligence to outwit and outlast player after player.

Congratulations, McKenzie, not only for winning the game but for stealing the hearts of all the commentators! Your storyline was incredible to watch, and we couldn't have had a better winner than you. Now that I can break my silence, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the season, almost entirely positive, and I have a lot to say, believe me.

In the mean time, be sure to stir up conversation amongst yourselves, and once again, thank you all on making this such an incredible season.

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