Survivor: Turkey - Personality Clash

Check the above link - the cast has been officially revealed!

(Side note: Ripley, your mangatar link did not work for me; please re-send the image as soon as you can privately via g-mail!)

Anywho, congratulations to everyone who has made the cast. I am super glad to have all of you playing the game, and can't wait to start the season in what I truly believe can be the best season yet!

In case you didn't deduce this, the season will be Extroverts vs. Introverts!  Coincidentally, there was an even 8/8 split between the two categories in applications, so we'll have to see which tribe can conquer it all in the Battle of the Personalities!

If you haven't yet, please make an e-mail following the format and send the password to (for some reason, a lot of people forget this step!). Also, please take note that One World is not in affect - you cannot communicate with anyone of the opposite tribe via g-mail. Also remember that the Masks twist is in effect, so you cannot reveal your identity in any way or talk about the game outside of g-mail (of course, if you want to post your excitement or something of the sort here without revealing your identity, that's totally fine). Pre-gaming is allowed, so if you want to communicate with your tribemates via g-mail (should both of you have your in-game emails set up), go for it. Just be sure to attach me to all conversations!

Anywho, the season is planned to start on Saturday, April 8th. Mark that date on your calendars, because it's gonna be the start of something great! If you have any questions, be sure to ask below.

P.S. To those of you who wish to commentate and are not contestants, just let me know below and I'll be sure to attach you to all the docs and whatnot. Just let me know what your gmail that you'd like to use is!

Usernames of the Castaways (in no particular order):

  • maccintosha
  • CambodiaAaron
  • Zeebem10
  • mijuegandia
  • Jacob Number1
  • takalivanua
  • Pagonging
  • ppjr19
  • Iloveshool71
  • FluffyYoshi
  • yaumanfan27
  • Nathan Schultz
  • Tozza6
  • Tanglefrost
  • EasternSky
  • jolyrufino

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