Welcome to the Survivor Auction!

You each have $500 to spend at this auction. You must bid in increments of $20, and you can spend your money however you like, splitting your money on multiple items, putting it all on one, or not spending any at all! If multiple people bid the same amount (including $500) on a single item, then that item will be given to one of the bidders randomly. Here are the items up for grabs:

Item #1: A vote spy - You may ask to see any current player's vote from any of the past tribal councils or from this upcoming one.

Item #2: A hidden item that has something to do with the immunity challenge.

Item #3: Idol Scanner - You may pick one current player, and you will find out if he/she currently has a hidden immunity idol in his/her possession or not.

Item #4: A hidden item.

Item #5: Advantage Nullifier - You may choose to nullify the advantage from Items 1, 3, or 7, picking one of them (or none at all).

Item #6: Two extra jury votes.

Item #7: You may choose someone to sit out in the Final Six immunity challenge.

In order to bid, post "I bid (amount of money) on Item (whatever number the item is)". This challenge will end at 5 PM EST tomorrow and the winners of each item will receive them then.

Item #1: Bidded on by both Jet and Marie.  Jet was randomly picked to win!

Item #2: Won by Petrus!  Petrus, you have won...immunity!  Congratulations!

Item #3: Won by Hudson!

Item #4: Won by Petrus!  Petrus, you have won...bat soup!  Yucky, but full of protein.  Yum!

Item #5: Won by Maeva!

Item #6: Won by Briana!

Item #7: Won by Sarah!

For items 1, 3, 5, and 7, the winners of these items must send me their choices by 5 PM EST tomorrow.   In the case of items 1 and 3, they will find out the information as soon as they send their choice to me and I can respond.

Petrus has won immunity, but for the rest of you, one of you will become the fifth member of our jury at tribal council tonight.  Good luck.

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