Welcome to the reunion show, everyone. Thank you so much for participating in an amazing and enjoyable season, and I am glad to have had each and every one of you playing.

It is now time to read the votes. Ale'Tia, Natalie, Zepher, you guys have waited for almost a year (in the world of imagination!) to hear these votes for the Sole Survivor, so I'll get right to it.

First Vote...

...Ale'Tia!... A jarringly loud cheer is heard as the audience goes wild. Ale'Tia smiles slightly as Natalie pats her on the back and Zepher smiles.

...Natalie!... Natalie cracks a grin herself as another loud applause can be heard from the audience. She squeezes Ale'Tia's hand tight as the votes continue to be read.

...Ale'Tia!... Ale'Tia nods, her face focused on the votes now as the entire room is intensely waiting for the remaining votes to be read.


...Ale'Tia! That's four vote Ale'Tia, one vote Natalie, three votes left...

..The Winner of Survivor: Bhutan...


The crowd goes absolutely wild as tears stream from Ale'Tia's face. Natalie smiles as Zepher congratulates Ale'Tia and the jurors swarm around them for hugs. Everyone is smiling as Ale'Tia escapes the crowd to run down to her family, who smile at her. Probst walks to center stage as the camera follows him.

Probst: Well, this season had it all. Tons of idols, one of the most villainous players in survivor history, dramatic power shifts, betrayals, memorable personalities, and even a winner who profess to be a mix of Alecia and J'Tia! We'll get into all this and more at the Survivor Reunion show!

Alright, guys. First of all, congratulations Ale'Tia! Now that Aishia and I can break our silence, I can officially congratulate you and talk to all the castaways about whatever you want, whether it's my opinion on a move, player, twist, or anything else you can think of. I'll also be attaching you guys to the documents (with almost all the conversations and confessionals) below, posting some of my thoughts below, and getting the Hero/Villain/Player of the season organized in the comment section, so be on the look out for that!

I hope you guys have enjoyed yourself, and from the bottom of my heart I can't say how fun it was to watch this season go by. Let's have a fun ending to this season, and I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!

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