That's right, it's finally here - the start of the game!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to start this game. I truly believe this season has great potential to be the best season yet, and I'm not just saying that. You all will control your own destiny through Quests, learn how to make relationships with the Personality Clash, wonder who's behind the Mask of everyone you're talking to, and overcome the most brutal yet (in my opinion) exciting twist ever to be in a DORG - of course, you'll have to wait and see what it is. ;)

Usually I give you guys 24 hours to socialize with one another as the game progresses, but this season, as you'll soon learn, you'll rarely have a chance to catch your breath; we're competing right out of the gate in our first immunity challenge! Here's how it will work.

On your newly created tribe chats on Google Hangouts, as a tribe you will have to create three slogans for the season. It could be as long as you want, say whatever you want, and have any meaning that you decide upon - heck, if you want, it can be in another language - as long as you agree as a group on what three slogans you want. You then can submit these slogans to me in any way you choose as long as you clearly state that these are your final answers; once someone sends in final answers, there is no more changing allowed, even if that one person went against the will of everyone else in the tribe. You must send in your slogans by 4 PM EST, one hour before the challenge ends (that will give enough time for judges, as I detail to below, to judge).

After both tribes send in their slogans, I will send the slogans to a blind panel of judges, who will rate the slogans based on creativity, relevance to the season itself, and overall enjoyability (this can be anything from humor to irony to cleverness). The tribe with the best ratings will win immunity!

This is a very open-ended challenge unlike the usual first challenges of DORG seasons that will test your cooperation. Good luck!

Anyway, I welcome you all to the game - if you have any questions, be sure to ask!

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