Yeah, I guess that I should've mentioned this earlier (sarcasm if you couldn't tell).

I suppose now's the right time to reveal the main twist of the season that I've been so excited to tell you guys about.  It's called Blindfolded Tribals, and essentially it means that you will have no idea if you won the challenge until tribal council is over!

Here's how it will work; I will not reveal the results of the immunity challenges, and both Ankara and Sivas will go through the tribal council phase and vote someone out.  The votes will be revealed, however only the person voted out on the losing tribe will be eliminated from the game.  I will reveal the challenge results at that point, and the results will be final.  This will continue until the merge.

It's a simple twist, but one that most of you will probably hate me for.  Hey, I told you guys I'm a sadist!

Anywho, tribal council threads will be up shortly, so in the mean time I suggest you get ready.

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