• FluffyYoshi

    Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now would be the time to do so.

    No one stands.

    Probst: In that case, I will now read the votes.


    Eric. That's one vote Eric, one vote Tera.


    Eric. That's three votes Eric, one vote Tera.

    Twentieth person voted out of Survivor: The Greater Antilles and the seventh member of our jury...


    Final tally: 6-1

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  • FluffyYoshi

    Hey guys!

    The new post-mutiny tribes have been formed with Rachael and Lanna mutinying to Artemisa and Tera and Vera mutinying to Cienfuegos. Now that the mutiny is overwith, it is time for your next challenge! Just as last time, one person from each tribe will win individual immunity and be safe from being voted out.

    For today's challenge, you guys will be doing the canonical Survivor boot list! In each of your own separate comment threads down below, you guys will have to post the names of the canonical Survivor bootlist (The first boot of Borneo to the winner of Game Changers). You must either wait fifteen minutes in between posts OR wait until someone else posts in their own thread.


    Person A: First Boot of Borneo (at 9:00PM)


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  • FluffyYoshi

    Hello everyone!

    If you haven't heard, Mona and Kevin were voted out at the last tribal councils.

    The title states it all. If you want mutiny and jump ship to the other tribe, you can now. Because of the circumstances, this will take up one day, as going to be mutiny mid-challenge would be unfair. If you would like to, just comment down below.

    As usual, you have until 8:30PM EST to make your choice! Go ahead now!

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  • FluffyYoshi

    Probst: If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

    Zed stands up.

    Zed: I'd like to play my idol on myself.

    As per the rules of DVMP Survivor, you may have 15 minutes to counter with any other idols/advantages.

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  • FluffyYoshi

    Come on in guys! Hope you guys like your new tribes!

    At this point, the Leaders twist is now over! Two tribes means everyone goes to tribal council, so there is no way to go to the other tribal and vote along with your tribal council!

    Let's get straight into the challenge! Today, you will be playing a very simple challenge. You will be stacking blocks! In the comments below, you will have to post "Stacks block x feet high", with x representing how many times you have commented. You must wait fifteen minutes between each post.

    The person from each tribe who stacks the most blocks will win individual immunity for tribal council tonight and cannot be the twelfth and thirteenth person voted out of this game! You guys have until 8:30PM EST!

    Good luck…

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