Hey guys!

Meet the new Mayabeque and Cienfuegos tribes, Evan and Dylan voted out at the last tribal council.

Before the challenge, there is one last thing that we have to address. Evan, who was voted out last tribal council was the leader of Mayabeque, as a result, the 4 remaining members of Mayabeque must now send in new votes, similarily to tribal council for who they want to become leaders.

Now with that underway, we can now announce the challenge! For today's challenge you guys are going to be playing a tribal version of hot potato! A random tribe will start off with the potato and will have the option to pass it on to any other tribe. At a certain time, the potato will explode, and the tribe currently holding it will be out of the challenge and head to tribal council! These times are an unknown time and 8:30PM EST! Be prepared!

Mayabeque has randomly been chosen to start with the potato! You may begin now!

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