Hey guys!

The new post-mutiny tribes have been formed with Rachael and Lanna mutinying to Artemisa and Tera and Vera mutinying to Cienfuegos. Now that the mutiny is overwith, it is time for your next challenge! Just as last time, one person from each tribe will win individual immunity and be safe from being voted out.

For today's challenge, you guys will be doing the canonical Survivor boot list! In each of your own separate comment threads down below, you guys will have to post the names of the canonical Survivor bootlist (The first boot of Borneo to the winner of Game Changers). You must either wait fifteen minutes in between posts OR wait until someone else posts in their own thread.


Person A: First Boot of Borneo (at 9:00PM)

Fifteen minutes pass

Person A: Second Boot of Borneo (at 9:15PM)

Person B: First Boot of Borneo (at 9:15PM)

Person A: Third Boot of Borneo (at 9:16PM)

Person B: Second Boot of Borneo (at 9:17PM) and so on...

The person from each tribe who has the most posts in the correct chain by 8:30PM EST tomorrow will win immunity. In the case that you make a mistake and it is not corrected, only the chain above it will count as your points.

Good luck castaways!

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