Welcome, castaways, and congratulations to Sami for winning Choices Galore!

Today's challenge is called Hurt or Heal.

In this challenge, each person starts with five lives. You may choose to hurt somebody or heal somebody (this can be yourself). When you comment, you will say either: "Hurts (person)" or, "Heals (person)." You may only post once every half hour.

The last person standing or the person with the most lives by 5:00 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity. If there is a tie, the person who made an action last will win.

Results will be updated regularly via this blog.

Evan: 5 Lives

Kyna: 6 Lives

Miles: 11 Lives

Mya: 5 Lives

Tayne: 5 Lives

Whitney: 6 Lives

Updated as of 9:45 PM EST

Good luck, and if there are any questions, please ask!