Welcome, castaways!

Today's challenge is called Touchy Subjects.

You play this by answering 13 questions about other castaways remaining in the game. You will answer with your personal opinion, and then you will guess who you think received the most votes for each question. Your answers may be the same or different for each question. The person with the highest amount of correct guesses for who received the most votes wins immunity.

Send in your responses for each question to by 5:00 PM tomorrow.

Question 1: Who would you trust with your life?
Question 2: Who would be your best friend outside of the game?
Question 3: Who is the most intelligent castaway?
Question 4: Who is the most heroic?
Question 5: Who is the most villainous?
Question 6: Which castaway deserves to win?
Question 7: Which castaway deserves a slap in the face?
Question 8: Who is the biggest liar?
Question 9: Who is the most clueless?
Question 10: Who is the best looking castaway?
Question 11: Which castaway is the most social?
Question 12: Which castaway has the best shot at winning?
Question 13: Which castaway has no shot at winning?

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I apologize for the low quality, there was a problem that couldn't be avoided easily.

Congratulations Whitney! She won the tiebreaker