Welcome to Tribal Council, Pagoda.

We will now bring in our jurors: Richard.. Star.. Mona.. Ezra.. and Kyna, voted out at the last tribal council.

Please submit your vote to by 5:00 PM EST tomorrow. The questions below are highly recommended to be answered, but aren't mandatory.

To All: What is the pressure like, being in the final seven? Do you trust yourself, or your alliance more?

Evan: Last tribal council was clearly shocking to you. Do you think you're in control this time?

Kevin: You were seen in the challenge as this season's villain. How do you feel about this title? Does it affect your gameplay at all?

Miles: Many people see you as the most able to win the game. Does this concern you? What are you doing to make sure that this doesn't affect you negatively?

Mya: At the last tribal council, you also appeared to be very shocked. Would you say that alliances are now in place clearly, or is the power still shifting?

Sami: In the challenge, you were seen as both deserving a slap and the biggest liar. How does this make you feel? Do you think you may be a target tonight because of this?

Tayne: People saw you as both clueless and having no shot to win. Does this surprise you? Do you think people are underestimating you?

Whitney: In the challenge you were seen as both the best looking castaway and the most heroic (along with Mya). Does this help you feel more assured and comfortable, or do you feel something else?

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands up.

Probst: Alright, I will now read the votes.





...Miles. That's two votes Mya, two votes Miles, one vote Sami, two votes left...


...13th Person Voted Out and the 6th Member of the Jury...


[The below is filler; do not read into it.]

  1. blindside appears in the bottom-left corner as Miles mouth is agape. Everyone looks around at one another, some happy, some sad, and some shocked by the outcome of the vote. Miles reluctantly brings his torch to Porbst, where it is promptly snuffed. Proust then dismisses the remaining castaways back to camp, knowing that the game is far from over.