Hello! If you are interested in playing in the fourth season of Survivor, please comment "Interested." Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word so we can have another great season! Applications should open up near the end of April or the start of May. Thank you!

NOTE - If you show interest in playing, you are not committed and guaranteeing that you will be playing. This is a place to show who may want to play.

People who have shown interest:

  • FluffyYoshi (Matt)
  • LoganEntertainment (Logan/Chris)
  • Surferdude1219
  • Iloveschool71 (Bryce/Crystal/Marty)
  • Coolio15 (Justin/Gabriella)
  • Young NAture (Joey)
  • PKML
  • Whatevereva
  • EmeraldT
  • Crazybone5000
  • Owilish
  • Tanglefrost (Charlie)
  • Winxclubfan1 (Sarah/Rhodanna)
  • LoverOfAllTheTurtles (Jessica/Britney)
  • DryIceBros (Gregory)
  • Jonm193
  • Kymien (Kiki/Jenni)
  • MasterCharmaner (Andrew)
  • Pokerox27 (Harry)
  • Yyaku (Aishia)
  • SamiKatJones
  • AndreaB16
  • Jakethecoolkid23
  • Tozza6 (Ale'Tia)
  • MightyUke416 (Jet)
  • Just323 (Niaho)
  • Zepher.Auckland (Zepher)
  • David34 (Zachary)
  • HawkWD
  • Inhibition

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