Hello once again everybody.

After more than a MONTH of nominating and voting, the time has finally come to reveal the official results of the first ever DORG Awards. Before we get to that, I would just like to thank each and every one of you that has voted, as well as thanking Hudson for his amazing work as a co-host and Dan for allowing this to happen. With that said, I now present to you the 15 winners of the DORG Awards.

First up, the award for Best Twist goes to....


The Survivor Bazaar!

The award for Dumbest Move goes to....

Mona misplaying her idol and being sent home with another one in her pocket!


The award for Best Episode Title goes to....


"Jeff Probst is a Sadist"

The award for Most Comedic Player goes to....

Britney Porter!


The award for Best Confessionalist goes to....

Britney Porter! (again)


The award for Best Filler goes to....

Maeva Leilani!


The award for Best Early Boot goes to....

Char Lyndon!


The award for Best Episode goes to....

"The Asuna That Could"!


The award for Best Rivalry goes to....

Jenni Latazu vs. Romeo De Luca!


The award for Most Dramatic Season goes to....

Survivor: Faroe Islands!


The award for Best Season goes to....

Survivor: Bhutan!

Bhutan Logo

The award for Biggest Blindside goes to....

Gabriella Chien!


The award for Biggest Hero goes to....

Marie McWood!


The award for Biggest Villain goes to....

Jenni Latazu!


The award for Best Player goes to....

Ale'Tia Tayden!


Once again, thank you so much for participating in these awards, I had an absolute blast hosting it and I hope to see the DORG Awards make a return sometime in the future. :P

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