Well, you all have spent seven days sending in some awesome suggestions, and with your help, the committee has decided on SIX nominations for the category of Best Episode! Let's get right into it! 

The first nominee for Best Early Boot is...

"First Tribal Council, Yay" (Char's boot), from Survivor: Tokelau!


The second nominee for Best Episode is...

The merge episode of DOTS (yet to be named), from Survivor: Dawn of the Storm!


The third nominee for Best Episode is...

"Sounds Like a Good Wine Buddy" (Jenni and Mona's boots), also from Survivor: Dawn of the Storm!


The fourth nominee for Best Episode is...

"Votes Aren't Controlled, They're Bought" (Aishia's boot), from Survivor: Faroe Islands!


The fifth nominee for Best Episode is...

"I'm the Bhutan Clairvoyant" (Romeo's boot), from Survivor: Bhutan!


The sixth and final nominee for the Best Episode award is...

"The Asuna That Could" (Mona's boot), from Survivor: Myanmar!


Alright, so we've narrowed it down to six moves, BUT, they must be narrowed down to ONE. WINNER. Once again, the decision is going to come down to the members of the community!

In the comments section below, please rate the nominees from 1 to 6, 6 for the episode you feel outshone the others and 1 for the episode that wasn't as entertaining. At the end of the process, the points will be added up, and the winner will be declared! 

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