Over the past three weeks you guys have been voting across fifteen differing categories on some of the best players/season/moments of DORG history. For the most part, we do have an official winner, however, we did come across a few tied votes that need to resolved.

With that being said, here are the THREE tied votes we have come across.

First up, the tied candidates for BEST SEASON are....

Bhutan LogoFaroeIslandsLogo

Survivor: Bhutan and Survivor: Faroe Islands!

The second pair of tied candidates for BEST EARLY BOOT are....


Char Lyndon and Kiki Mata!

The third and final pair of tied candidates for MOST COMEDIC PLAYER are....


Britney Porter and Kiki Mata!

Alright, so these three categories have been narrowed down to 2 nominees, but we still need to decide on ONE. WINNER.

In the comments section below, please choose which nominees of each of the three categories you feel deserve to win. At the end of the process, whichever nominees receive the most votes will be declared the official winner. In case of another tie, Hudson and I will have the deciding vote (mwhahaha)!

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