Hey guys, SO, Dan/Miles are both unable to post on the wiki at this point so I am temporarily taking over with all that jazz. Anyway, onto the challenge!

So guys, congratulations! You've made it to Day 38ish, meaning you are one day away from reaching the end where four of you will plead your cases to the jury as to why you should win the game. However, there are still a few more orders of business to attend to which will help determine which one of you will have the dreams cut just one day short. This season, we've really placed a big focus on intermingling. Through Exile Island, the leaders twist, the mutiny and the several tribe swaps, there has been an ample amount of opportunities for you guys to get to know each and every person playing this season. Today, we will be testing how well you've done that. Here's how the challenge is going to work.

The following quotes are by members of the jury as well as one of the commentator of the season, yours truly, Tozza during their stay in Ponderosa (or in Tozza's case on the couch watching things play out). It is your job to send me via e-mail/hangouts who said what quotes. The person who gets the most quotes correct will win immunity. In the case of a tie, the winner will be randomly chosen. Some people may be used various times while others aren't used at all, so don't read into the challenge with "Oh, I think Bob said the last quote so he must not have said this one". A simple challenge, this will test your social analytical skills. Here are the quotes:


2. tie votes are so anti climatic

3. kjhjhakhajhajkashjsjk

4. I feel like I'm the kind of person who really enjoys having deep ~discussions~ with ppl and small talk/bland nicey-niceness really bugs me 😛


6. DAN! You have some explaining to do.

7. Oh wow I sure did miss out on a lot of excitement xD

8. What a mess. This cast is truly crazy...I'm just disappointed because I felt like I was playing well and was so close to the end.

9. like, I wouldn't enjoy being worshipped by a bunch of little kids tbh, it'd be so weird

10. why are you in the middle of Appalachian mountains with limited wifi and a small window of time to talk?

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