Welcome castaways to your final 10 immunity challenge. First of all, I wanted to say congratulations on officially making it past halfway point and the merge while not being the first juror.  Anyway, this challenge is called All Strung Up.

Everyone has a rope that is attached to three randomly chosen people.  Everyone has 3 strings, which is tied to a heart, and once every 6 hours you may cut someone's rope.  

To cut someones rope, you must be specific.

Player A "I cut player B and D's rope". 

They will lose that whole rope, along with a heart. Once you are out, you are eliminated. Because this challenge was designed for 11 people, Harry and Rosalyna randomly have been paired with a smiley face, and that smiley face's rope can be cut along with anyone elses.

You have until 2:30 PST tomorrow to cut ropes.  Whoever has the most ropes left will win immunity.  If there is a tie, then the person who cut a rope last will win immunity.

Good luck! You're gonna need it.

EDIT: You are playing for JOINT immunity. 2 people will receive immunity the last remaining rope pair wins. However, if more than one remaining rope pair is left, then immunity will only go to one person through the conditions listed two paragraphs above.

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