Hello castways, and congratulations on making it to the Final 11 and the jury!  We have a simple challenge for you here today.

It's called Bracelet Hunter.

Every 30 minutes you may get a bracelet by posting "I get a bracelet" in the comment section below.  Alternatively, if you are not playing to win it for yourself, you could go the helping route. You must wait an hour to do this action, in which you will give another player a bracelet by saying "I give a bracelet to ______". To do so, however, you must have a bracelet to give. You cannot give someone a bracelet if you have 0 bracelets. 


Person A: I get a bracelet

Person B: I get a bracelet

Person A: (After 30 minutes) I get a bracelet

Person A: (After an hour) I give a bracelet to person B.

Whoever has the most bracelets by 5:39 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity.  Good luck!

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