Hello Bhutanians, and welcome to your bazaar! This bazaar is VERY special...

Because it doesn't exist.

Welcome to the merge!

Congratulations castaways, you have finally merged, and just as a reference, it is day 21! You have survived 21 days out here, so congratulations on that huge landmark! A final 12 merge was the number one pick your poison option, and along with that, you all LOVED this merge color, aqua! It's very attractive.

Congrats mergers! You have until 2:30 PST to come up with a merge name, let's make this as nice as possible, no fighting or arguing, you all deserve a nice relaxing first day of merge!

As for the bazaar... well, there won't be a bazaar. The bazaar twist is currently inactive, however, your points will not be for nothing. The bazaar will be brought back ONE time for the rest of the season, when, however, is a mystery.

Have fun with your day, castaways!