Hello Castaways of Bhutan, Thimphu, Punakha, and Zhemgang. 

For this season, challenges might be a bit different, we're trying something new that hopefully works out for the best. Today's immunity challenge is called "Climb the Totem". It is a team based game that requires everyone to be active and ready. There are 3 totems, your tribe is racing to get to the top.


Here is how it works, 6 of you will be competing, as Zhemgang is down a member, has decieded that Ale'Tia and Chris will not be competing for their tribes. As for the rest, it is a basic waiting game. Players of your tribe will comment below in chains. There are 3 notches (as indicated by the lines). All players start on Notch One, first two tribes to notch three win the game. But you cannot start on the next notch until ALL members of the tribe have gotten to that notch.


Player 1 on Thimphu - "I move up to Notch 2"

Player 2  on Thimphu - "I also move up to Notch 2"

Player 1 on Thimphu - "I move up to Notch 3" You could not do this until players 3, 4, 5, and 6 went to notch 2.

Meaning, if a player is inactive on your tribe, you're stuck, but get this, once per tribe, you may PUSH a player up who is inactive, but you must use it sparingly. Have fun competing! As always, if there are any questions please let me know in the comment section. I understand that this may be a bit confusing. 

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