Welcome to your fourth tribal immunity challenge.

For this challenge, Harry has bought the tribal advantege. This challenge is very simple, it's a waiting game. Don't start posting until you are ready. Once you start your chain, you will need to post once every hour make a post. It cannot be the same person who posted last time.  If it reaches two hours since the last person posted, then your streak will end.

For example

Person 1 : I start the chain

2 hours later

Person 2: I continue the chain

2 hours later

Person 3 : I continue the chain.

The longest consecutive streak by 2:30 PST tomorrow wins immunity,

Harry has given their tribe an automatic 2 chains on their streak. Ask questions if you need them. Remember : If you break your chain, you can restart. It's whoever get's the highest conesecutive chain. 

Highest Chains : 

Joey's Chain Punakha 9 (Ongoing)


Jenni's Chain Thimphu 15 (Ongoing)

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